ANTES DEL FIN ( 2007/08)

These pictures are the beginning of a personal journey. I have chosen the Swiss suburbs as a stage because their “surround position” that fascinates me. I did not preview these images, they come to me in a enigmatic way, and often I am taken aback and feel an overwhelming urge to capture the wonder. I decided to trust them and follow them. At the end it is important for me to step into contact with the feelings and thoughts of the viewer.

To put together this story I visited: Allschwill, Bettingen, Birsfelden, Bollingen, Bussigny, Carouge, Chiasso, Corcelles, Crocifisso, Dübendorf, Emmen, Emmenbrücke, Gerlafingen, Kloten, Lancy, Marly Cité, Massagno, Morges, Münchenstein, Neu Affoltern, Oerlikon, Ostermundigen, Pratteln, Renens, Riehen, Seen, Seebach, Schwamendingen, Wallisellen, Worb.    2007/2008